Fawn Stone 27, is a gorgeous and super talented lady who does not like to get caught up in drama. Well, with the exception of on the screen drama. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Fawn returned to her home city Los Angeles after graduating from Howard University in Washington, DC to pursue a career in acting and as a television correspondent. Most likely, Fawn can be found strutting her stuff in her 3-inch heels, even in a bowling alley. She says, “Heels are more comfortable.”

Some would say she is a diva, and she may have diva tendencies, but Fawn is one of the most kind-hearted people you will ever meet. She continues to get her feet wet in the entertainment and media business and enjoys every moment of it. In her spare time, Fawn enjoys volunteering and giving back to inner city and incarcerated youth.

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The man I marry will be very kind, loving, faithful, handsome, funny, intelligent, attentive, loyal, understanding, giving, independent,  adventurous, curious, open-minded, creative, steadfast, a great provider and treat me like a queen.  I, in return will do the same.  He must love children and be spontaneous as well as romantic.  He is an all around great guy.

One of Fawn’s famous quotes:  NEVER underestimate Gods blessings. Always stay faithful. Always remain in gratitude. Always give & love despite your situation. When you are faithful to God, God will be faithful to you!