Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher

I have to give it to Eddie Murphy for his refusal to depict Bill Cosby in sketch comedy on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special.  Feel how you feel about Eddie Murphy, and regardless of on which side you are about the Bill Cosby allegations I feel that Eddie Murphy did the right thing by not making light of the tragic situation for so many.  It shows the character of a stand up guy.  It may have brought laughs, but the Cosby situation is simply not a laughing matter — for anyone.

Eddie Murphy did not make the decision easy as fellow SNL cast member Norm McDonald tried his best to convince Eddie to do the skit.  He actually thought Eddie had decided to do it.  At least that is what Eddie led McDonald to believe.  But when it came time to deliver, Eddie Murphy thought better and simply decided not to do it.  Whatever his reason was, I am glad he did not portray Bill Cosby in a comedic skit.  Go Eddie!