It has been a while since we heard from Dr. Misee Harris.  We first introduced Misee as she prefers to be called, a year and a half ago as our “Woman On A Mission” .  She was on a quest to become America’s first black Bachelorette.  That did not work out, but this is one dentist who was not to be outdone.
I caught up with Misee recently to see what she was up to these days.  Firstly, she left Middle Town, America for the Hollywood Hills.  I think we all figured Tennessee would not be enough for the big dreams the home town girl had.  Dealing with all the curves, ups and downs that is life, Dr. Harris has been busy with a Capital B!  Our meeting turned out to be a lovely two-day excursion complete with a tour of Misee’s new home in Hollywood, (she had not yet moved in) lunch at the SOHO House, and watching Dr. Harris work an early morning shift at her dental practice.  And she didn’t get tired!

misee 6

Misee Harris has been on a whirlwind ride since she first came on the scene two and a half years ago.  First Misee showed me the fruits of her entrepreneurial efforts in trendy mouth guards she designed for athletes.   Misee has done so many modeling jobs; she has been a brand ambassador; she has had wonderful success with a YouTube channel giving away everything from health and beauty products to electronic games.  Beauty as well as brains, Misee has completed a pilot, shot for two reality shows and starred in her first movie called Azure.  She’s still not tired.

misee 7

Blogging and Vlogging came quite by accident, but almost everything goes when you are marking your territory and making your brand.  So it was quite natural that Misee would become a writer for the Huffington Post.  It is nothing for her to shoot a video, write a blog and article for the HP within a few hours.  Always putting children first, Dr. Harris returned to her love of treating them in the dentist chair.  Watching Dr. Harris in her element is quite entertaining.  She is a natural with children, calming even the most non cooperative biters.  Parents with special needs children have been asking for Dr. Harris as her reputation speaks for itself.  Five patients, 3 cleanings, one cavity filled and one extraction — piece of cake!  She’s still not tired.

Misee 1

misee 3

Lastly, Misee has discovered a love for both producing and photography so look for her name in the credits of some future shows and documentaries.  We may also see some of her fabulous photos in top magazines.  Since signing on with top PR firm Much and House, we may just see Misee Harris as celebrity show host or spokesperson as she is actively going on auditions and appearing as a guest all over Hollywood.  And she’s still not tired!

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Photo Credits: Dr. Misee Harris