Dr. Misee Harris, Multi-talented, Beauty

Multiracial Beauty Dr. Misee Harris is a Pediatric Dentist, Entrepreneur, Former Bachelorette, V-logger  Reality Celebrity, Philanthropist, Model, Producer, Actress, Founder and Owner of Profit Athletic Mouthguards, and Founder of Project Smile! Official Website Follow Misee’s Youtube Page for Interviews, the Latest Fashions, Skin Care and Make Up Tips, Fabulous Giveaways, Advice, Fun and More! Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Tumblr Google+

Misee is of  Liberian (West Africa) Lebanese and African American heritage.

Dr. Harris is so busy these days one can hardly keep up with her.  In addition to her dental practice, she has added clinical professor to her long list of jobs.  Did I mention that she flies all over creation making appearances?  Well, she does that too.  This month’s Swirl Princess has no plans to slow down anytime soon.  The man who captures her heart will have to be special explains Dr. Harris.  He will not be threatened by my independence.  I want my future husband to compliment me as much as I compliment him.  I want a man who adores me because I will adore him.  I like a laid back kind of man because I am the opposite.  I love children and so will he.  That goes without saying.  That’s why I am a pediatric dentist.

I appreciate all efforts to make me happy and I will reciprocate.  I’ll pamper him with love and care and never forget the little things that make his life happy.