Angela shares: I’m Angela, and my husband of 12 years is Dallas. We have 2 beautiful children; Adam 7, Aubrey 5 this month. I’m very blessed to have in-laws who have accepted me from day one.

We met on NMet online back in 1999. He was just casually checking his email. A pop up for personals came up with my picture and he ignored it. Another day it happened again and he thought, “okay okay let’s see what this is.” The rest is history. Dallas was the first boyfriend my family ever liked lol…

The day my father first met him he said, “Looks like I’m about to lose a daughter. ” And grinned. He proposed to me at a beautiful state park in the same spot where we first said “I love you.” After that we went back to his house, and his parents flung open the door with a bottle of champagne and gave me the biggest hug ever.

Angela Roberts 2

P.S. he said he’s always wanted a black lady lol

Angela Roberts 1


Angela Roberts 3


Angela Roberts4


Angela Roberts 5


Angela Roberts 6


Angela Roberts 7


Thanks for sharing these gorg family pics with us.  You all look like you have fabulous family fun!