Thanks to Raynika for sharing her romance story with Interracial Marriage and Family.  Brandon is truly my soul mate. His love, ability to accept me for me and his willingness to help me to grow as a person is the greatest feeling in the world. He asked me to be his last girlfriend ever and I happily said yes!

Raynika Family

Cute story I was answering emails and he would mirror image a funny clip for me to watch onto the tv. Finally he told me to watch this and that I would want to sit up to see it. When I say up he pressed play and I thought he just made a cute video of us! I was overwhelmed once I realized it was a proposal! At the end of the video he was sitting next to me with the box opened. He truly blows me away!

Proposal Video

We were married 12/13/14  Yay!!!!  Here are a few wedding photos and pics of how we enjoy life!

Raynika Family 5

Raynika Family 3

Raynika Family 7

Raynika Family 4

We are a happily blended multiracial family.

Raynika Family 1

Raynika Family 2

My daughters are Girl Scouts spreading the word that cookie season is here! My eldest daughter is fundraising for a trip to Europe with her Girl Scout troop.  What an awesome video of these cookie selling sisters!

UPDATE:  Raynika informed me that she and Brandon are in a couples’ competition.  Please go over and vote for them on her My Antelope Valley!” Facebook page.  Vote “Brandon and Raynika” and pass along for others to vote as well.  Let’s help Raynika and Brandon win!  

Thanks Raynika and good luck to you and Brandon!!!!