This is not just for Americans. They accept students from all over Africa and Europe as well as Latin America. Fab program. I have written two posts on this topic and even called to check out the credentialing and requirements. This is a good opportunity for those who have strong Math and Science skills. After being accepted the first year is spent learning Spanish.

According to Word On Da…. Here’s a wonderful opportunity for blacks and latinos: Cuba is offering a free medical school education to all black and Latino American in under served communities! Check out this amazing storybelow…

A few years ago member of the USA Congressional Black Caucus visited Cuba and noted the small amount number of doctor available in Black and poor areas in American. When Rep. Bennie Thompson said his Mississippi district needed doctors, then President Fidel Castro announced scholarships for youth from under-served communities in the U.S.

Mad props to the Congressional Black Caucus for seeking a solution to address the issues in our community with the lack of doctors, professionals and exorbitant medical school cost.

I, for one, am pretty tough on these so call black leadership bodies as they don’t seem to be doing enough to try and advance the human condition of black Americans, but this is an interesting step considering the political nature and US stance on Cuba and Castro.

People interested in this opportunity should look into contacting the Interrelations Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO)/Pastors for Peace organization. There are currently 146 US students in the program at LASM with full scholarships and they seem to be doing very well.


418 W 145 Street
Harlem, NY 10031 
 (212) 926-5757 

47 students have graduated the program and two are resentdents in USA hospitals currently.

This is proof the programs credentials are being accepted and honored in USA hospitals, which is a critical step.

Who knows what the future will hold from this program, but if you have the political believe that education should be for all and the monitary understanding that US medical schools are pricing many people out of the industry, then Cuba may be an option for you to consider. – via urbanintellectuals