This next couples Street Cam introduces a beautiful couple whom met online. True love really can happen anywhere if you consider all possibilities! Listen to this sweet family’s wonderful story.

Dan and I Met 14 years ago  online. We talked for 6 month over the phone and the internet but, then decided we didn’t want a relationship that way. He bought me a ticket and I flew to visit him for a week, (I was 19) It was just perfect! After a week I didn’t want to go home.  I sat on the plane crying as I spoke on the phone to him and, he told me to just get off the plane and stay but, of course I couldn’t! I went home and, a month later flew back to Florida to live with him for 7 years and, during that time we had our beautiful son Logan. When our son turned 1 1/2 we decided Florida wasn’t the right place to raise him and, we moved all the way up north to Vermont. We’ve been in Vermont for 7 years, recently bought our first house and, I couldn’t have asked for a better life. I love my family very much!