China’s Black First Lady Helps Women In Sierra Leone. The world knows Neneh Ada Koroma as China’s Black First Lady.  We also know her as mother, artist, diplomat, philanthropist, business mogul, author, musician, singer, actress, daughter, sister and friend.  Well China’s Black First Lady is on a mission.

Madame Koroma, or as her friends refer to her, Ada is in her home country of Sierra Leone on a mission.  Through her famed   Foundation, Ada is organizing an anti-Domestic Violence Initiative.  She will host an annual networking event and white carpet gala to benefit abused women in Sierra Leone.

First Lady Fatima Jabie Bio and Neneh Ada Koroma with Ada’s son Peace (和平 Hépíng)  Courtesy NAK

Ada is building a safe facility that will house 100 women escaping domestic violence.  There will a network of counselor and support staff to help abused women.  There will be a number of programs developed to prevent abuse.

Sierra Leone’s First Lady Fatima Jabie Bio has partnered with China’s Black First Lady Ada to combat domestic violence and see this project through to fruition.  To behold this team in action is quite a sight.  First Lady Fatima and Madame Koroma portray a similar elegance, style, grace and determination to that of former US First Lady Michelle Obama.  They are concerned with the safety and well being of women and children.  In fact, First Lady Fatima has with His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio officially launched the free quality pre-Kindergarten, primary and secondary education initiative for government and government assisted schools starting September 2018. These are exciting times for the people of Sierra Leone.  Her children’s future looks bright and full of promise.

Neneh Ada Koroma’s QueenNak Foundation Courtesy NAK

The QueenNAK Foundation is known for charitable works and efforts around the globe from Sierra Leone to China to the United States.  In fact, Ada through QueenNAK provided over 300 hazmat suits for medical professionals and caretakers caring for those who had contracted the dreadful Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) during the outbreak 2014 – 2016.  The foundation also provided much-needed food and resources to those who were quarantined.  Ada yet again supported many Sierra Leoneans during the devastating mudslides of August 2017.


Of all her humanitarian projects, Madame Koroma is most proud of the work with victims of domestic violence.  As a survivor, Ada knows the pain, sorrow and struggle of what a woman in an abusive relationship endures.


China’s Black First Lady Neneh Ada Koroma Courtesy NAK

‘’I will establish a safe house for women under threat of abuse by their husbands or boyfriends.  We want them to have access to all the help they need from shelter to medical care to legal services by a lawyer.  Women have to be protected from abusive men”.


First Lady Fatima Jabie Bio and Neneh Ada Koroma with Ada’s son Peace (和平 Hépíng)  Courtesy NAK

As of press time, the QueenNAK Foundation has donated $40 million Leones (SLL) to First Lady Fatima and his Excellency President Bio Foundation.  Since they are also building schools to promote Sierra Leone’s free education for children, this project will coincide.  First Lady Fatima will take the reins and officially open the school and safe house for women.  Ada has obligations in the United States and China.  She feels very content with these plans and progress.  Ada encourages all individuals to join her in making this very worthwhile goal possible.


Ada and son Peace (和平 Hépíng) enjoying a late breakfast.

We see Ada reintroducing her son Peace to Sierra Leone.  He is visiting with family, old friends and new friends.  Ada thinks it is very important that her son knows his African roots.  He is having a wonderful time learning.  Ada is such a good mother, as Peace and his future are Ada’s number one priority.


Diplomat Neneh Ada Koroma Courtesy NAK

It may surprise many to find that Ada is also wearing a diplomatic hat during her time here in Freetown.  She is representing Chinese companies who want to promote commerce and trade between Sierra Leone and China.  Ada has been a top-notch negotiator carefully navigating the atmosphere seeing that there have been some Chinese ships violating Sierra Leonean fishing laws.  Ada has been masterful and all sides are happy with her business acumen.


Artist, singer actress, model, Neneh Ada Koroma Courtesy Zheng Photo Studio

Finally, we will see the actress and singer as Ada showcases her entertainment and artistic talents.  She will finish up filming Rolling with the NAKs, her reality show and perform in concert.  So look out for Ada in her element as African Queen with just a little Kim Kardashian-esque style and attention commanding clothing and fierce presence.  China’s Black First Lady knows her worth and wants other women to know theirs.  Prepare to be inspired!