Brian Garner shares about his wife Keiraq:  Keiraq and I have been together for 21 years and married for 19 of those.  We first met at a Mexican restaurant in the Washington DC area in 1993. I was working as a cocktail waiter and she came in with a bunch of women with whom I was attending Howard University, but I did not know her.

Brian and Keiraq 1

What I noticed first, was her warm smile and gorgeous eyes.  As we started dating, I became more attracted to her because of her confidence, the way she interacted with people, her sincerity and of course her overall stunning looks!

Brian and Keiraq 5

In addition, we both had the same goals of starting a family, living in a house (with a white picket fence, doge, etc.).  We continued to date and I asked her to marry me 8 months later.  Our family which includes our daughter Amaya now lives in the Atlanta area having moved here about 3 years ago.

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