Brennan Shares:  I’m a happily married man and a recent father. My wife’s name is Ivy, a half-Panamanian and half-Mexican young woman. Her Panamanian mother has been remarried to a Caucasian man for nearly 20 years. So her parents were not remotely concerned about their daughter dating a white man.

 Brennan and Ivy 4

My parents have always been accepting and have been nothing short of 100% supportive of the entire relationship.  We are going to celebrate our first anniversary on Jan 10, 2015. And our beautiful daughter will be with us to enjoy this time! We delivered her on September 14, 2014 and she is DEFINITELY a big baby lol.

 Brennan and Ivy 2

We always love seeing mixed couples together. This tells us that people are, in fact, capable of seeing beyond the surface. It’s a shame that there are still people who don’t. Either way, we are in love and I couldn’t be a more blessed man because of these amazing gifts from God.  We met at church, actually a nondenominational Christian church that had a young adult program. We got married about 18 months after meeting.

Brennan and Ivy 3

Brennan and Ivy

Congrats to this lovely couple and their growing family!!!