If you are going to be a superstar in the spotlight, you have to take the bad with the good.  Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea has had her share of bullying on social media sites like Twitter.  A few searches will reveal beefs with Azealia Banks, Snoop Dogg, Q-Tip and even Papa Johns Pizza.  Well none of those got to Miss Azalea as much as the body shaming she received nearly breaking the Internet.  TMZ struck again getting some up close and personal shots of the superstar’s back side showing a little cellulite that I am sure she would not want shown to the world.  But the world saw the poison pics and video on TMZ and weighed in it did.  I understand her outrage.  But again Iggy, you are a superstar and the freedom of speech being exercised by the masses can sometimes be UGLY.  It comes with the territory.

I think you look great, and sound great.  If people have an issue with your body its on them.  Keep it moving girl and put it all in perspective.  I don’t blame you for quitting social media though.  Now you can concentrate on other things that bring fulfillment to your life.  Let the haters continue to hate and don’t even skip a beat.  To quote you, “Everyone deserves peace.”

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