Most of us may recall first meeting Dr. Misee Harris when she took on the producers at ABC’s Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise in hopes of becoming the first black bachelorette. Well ABC passed on the offer, or she would say Dr. Harris passed on them and seems to be getting the last laugh. Culminating ten years of advanced level education to become a pediatric dentist, Dr. Harris settled into a thriving dental practice in central Tennessee. Because of her popularity, parents all over the area started booking dental appointments for their children. And because Dr. Harris is as skilled as she beautiful, her patient list is growing quite large because parents are so pleased with her work and genuine love for children.

Before Dr. Harris could take a real breather from all the endorsements, appearances and photo shoots (in addition to her dental practice) a chance encounter led to a request to her becoming the official sports dentist for a local junior football team.  They asked if she could provide custom mouth guards and soon the entrepreneur Harris emerged. Dr. Harris created and developed custom mouth guards for athletes. Through trial and error, Dr. Harris designed her custom Pro Fit Athletic Mouthguards ® to fit entire ball teams — from juniors leagues, to high school basketball teams to NCAA teams to pro NBA players. The requests were beginning to come in Dr. Harris found herself in need of an investor. She got the idea to audition for “Shark Tank” and made it through several rounds and hopes to get to the final round. We anticipate her appearance there as she faces the sharks but Dr. Harris won’t be shark bait. She can give as good as she gets. She had to develop a thick skin long before becoming an instant celebrity. Dr. Harris has been the only black person in many of her classes and activities facing some racism. She was the first in her Dental program at the University of Kentucky facing lots of adversity there. And Dr. Harris got plenty of hate from people all over during her bachelorette campaign. But again, she is the last one laughing taking it all in stride.  The idea has now grown to include custom grillz (lots of rappers order those) and flippers for beauty pageants.  Wow!

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If we thought that was enough for Dr. Harris, wait for it…… she will soon add actress to her resume. What??? Dr. Harris is not about to sit down for one minute — if there is an opportunity. Working through her publicists, Dr. Harris got auditions and offers for movies roles and reality shows. She has turned down several offers, but is taking up Hollywood producer/director BJ Rouse on her offer for a new reality show. “On The Rise” will profile Dr. Harris and two other ladies who are opening up their lives to America and the world. The show chronicles the lives of Dr. Harris and two of her friends Fawn Stone and Lakesha Walker – and the challenges they face as they balance successful careers and living the single life.otr 2

OK, is Dr. Harris done yet? Not a chance? The fashion dental diva still finds time to model in fashion shows across the county, mentor young women and do mission trips. She is planning humanitarian missions nationally and internationally, providing quality dental care to children in Africa and Moldova. She put out the call to some of her dental colleagues to join her so they can reach as many children as they can. The international ventures are new for Dr. Harris, but there is not much that she won’t tackle if it will benefit children. She has taken on the country to address the Dental Crisis right here in America. If you want to see a passionate woman worked up over dental care for poor and low income families, just ask the good doctor for a few stats.

Finally, the good doctor has to unwind and relax sometime. Dr. Harris has a few good friends upon whom she can always rely for a good time. So whether she is shopping, or listening to “Two Chainz” or trying to get a few winks, Dr. Harris is always thinking about the next project.  That project would be the release of her book, detailing her rise from dental student to overnight celebrity.   That is just being Misee.

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