No.  Because Asian men and black women have always gotten together and this is nothing novel.  Though not as numerous as bw-wm couples, depending upon where they were geographically Asian men did marry numerous black women.  While researching, I found Providence’s Black Chinese: A Love Story, a report by Luke Tsai.  There were probably more couples as documents suggest a Chinese presence in Rhode Island as early as 1801.

Euphoria Luv has always focused on black and Asian relationships, couples and families.  Onica Cupido, the founder considers it a “Black and Asian Community Blog.”  Her blog was one of the few that those interested could turn to for resources, stories, articles and pictures of black and Asian pairings.  Renee Tecco has long run Sardonic Sistah Says.  Renee is a black woman married to a Korean man living in the Midwest, but her blog tackles current events, history, profiles Asian and black singers and bands.  She provides a well rounded blog where you can find a little of everything.   Life Behind The Wall belongs to Jo Gan, an expat living in China married to a Chinese man.  Jo provides a different perspective on Asian male black woman marriage because of her unique circumstances actually living abroad.  We all look forward to Jo’s updates sure to provide us with thought provoking content and usually a few chuckles.  Jo’s latest interview is great!

Today we can find bw-am groups and blogs springing up all over the place.  On Facebook alone there are several such as Blasian Magazine run by B. Love; Blasian Couples run by Peter Kwok; and 30+Asian & Black Love run by MeeMee Kim Johnson and author Alouette Grant.  A quick Internet search will reveal other online groups dedicated to black and Asian unions.

Christelyn Karazin, founder of Beyond Black and White posted that two Asian males found their bw loves online.  Not only does Christelyn congratulate former “Hotties of the Week” Ranier Falco and David Vang, but she also offers a few reality checks for those interested in pursuing bw-am relationships and marriage.  Note:  Congrats are in order for Peter Kwok who recently married his online bw love.   And to B. Love, who recently found his bw love too.  Wishing all the best to the happy couples.  New love regardless of the race is just so nice!

Top photo is of Eugene and Agatha Chen of Trinidad who were both born in 1878 married in 1899.  BW-AM unions are very common in the Caribbean Islands.