Aquita shares her story:  When Lucas and I first met he didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Spanish. We learned to communicate with each other within about six months. On our first date we went to dinner and smiled the whole entire time as that’s all we could do.  As time went on we started using the translation service app  and finally learned communicate. Eventually we started speaking to each other in the other’s language. I taught him English and he taught me Spanish. We were able to communicate to express our feelings about each other. We grew together in love and language.  We were married after being a couple for nearly four years.  We are approaching our second anniversary this year.

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We had so many people against us being together and married solely because we are not the same race. However, spite all the opposition and even an attempt to ruin our wedding day we were blissfully married.  I still get misty eyed when I think about the ignorant people who tried to sabotage our wedding day,  but I strongly believe that God was there to protect us. I am so thankful to have my husband in my life and even more thankful we loved each other enough to not let anyone separate us.  My husband is Mexican and I am African-American and Blackfoot Indian.  We are the owners of a professional domestic services company and childcare center.  In addition, Lucas works in landscaping.


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The people who were mainly against us were from Lucas’ culture. My family supported us with no issues.  My father did not particularly care for people in general, especially when it came to courting but he adored Lucas. My father said the look in my husband’s eyes told him Lucas indeed loved me. My mother loves him too.  Basically my entire family welcomed Lucas with open arms. His family in Mexico excepted me.  The ones here and some former friends, forget it.  It is sad that even in this day and age people still have a hard time excepting interracial relationships.  Their problem, not ours!

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I think it is beautiful to see so many interracial couples united. How beautiful it is to love no matter where you from or your race. How beautiful it is to see all races love each other. I always believed that God made us all equally to love each other that is why there are so many cultures.

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