Swirling and Marriage is very proud to introduce April Poindexter French. Not only is this veteran swirler one of our own bloggers, but April is a multi-talented, multifaceted wife, mother, author, make up and hair entrepreneur (get your eye lashes to die for) and celebrated singer.

Michelle Matthews Calloway of The Swirl World conducted a most splendid and delightful interview with April entitled “Close Your Eyes – And Open Your Heart”.  April shared herself, her story, family, life values, and her voice with the world.  She candidly explains the dynamics of the ‘how and why’ relating to some interracial relationships and the experience of how April and her husband of over 20 years met.  April also offers sound advice on how to get out there and get the man of your dreams!

The podcast is also available on iTunes and SoundCloud and has already had over 400 downloads as people are loving it!


April 1


Read, see more gorgeous photos and hear the interview on The Swirl World.

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