Buxom and curvaceous with long, beautiful dark hair describes me physically, but I am so much more than that. I have the entire package called the 3 B’s – Brains, Beauty, and Body. At this point in my life, I am utterly excited about my future opportunities. I am a confident woman and enormously thrilled with my accomplishments, goals and vocation. Now, I am ready to meet my soul mate and share it all. I adore courting and consider myself to be very friendly, extremely trustworthy, loyal, open-minded and considerate.

I am an educator and have become like a mother/ mentor to my students. This is easy since I have no children of my own (yet!). I love and mentor my students. But I am also a student: a perpetual student of life. As life is a constant journey of learning, I am like a sponge absorbing all I can, thus I have become well rounded as a result. Because I am ambitious, I am willing to take certain risks in order to achieve my goals while maintaining the highest, quality standards. My curiosity allows me to learn and adapt to new things including foreign languages and other cultures. I spend most of my time in Trinidad but I am also in the US many times throughout the year.

My future husband……

I am seeking an outgoing, fun, exciting, loving, quality, man who will accept and love me for me. I do not expect perfection, but I do expect loyalty, dedication and sincerity. I know that my future husband will also be a student of life. My soul mate will definitely have no hang ups about a curvy woman, or interracial marriage and he will be willing to love and protect me against friends and family if need be. This is a must as a true love will triumph over any issue that could arise regarding interracial love and marriage. I also hope to meet someone who has some ambitions in life and is progressive thinking; someone who is open to changes and differences. I want someone who appreciates differences as much as I do and is honest and brave enough to accept those differences and adapt.