Who knew that discussions and literature about zombies could spark a romance?  Well that is what happened in the case of Allison and Amir, an absolutely lovely couple .  I found their story on MunaLuchi Bride.

“It’s hard to believe that zombie literature and films would spark a love connection, isn’t it?  Allison and Amir met during grad school in Chicago, but it wasn’t until three years later — over binge watching of The Walking Dead — that they really started dating.  The two fell in love quickly, and it didn’t take long before Amir made things official.  Allison recounts that special day…“One Saturday, he planned a picnic in the park and a tour of the beautiful Alfred Caldwell Lilly Pond. As we were walking through the gardens, I saw my friend Steven pop out of the bushes with his camera, and that’s when I figured out what was happening. Amir got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After I said yes, he (an accomplished magician) turned a rock into my beautiful engagement ring. Then, we went out to lunch with friends to celebrate.”  Continue reading Allison and Amir’s romantic story on MunaLuchi Bride:  




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