International adoption can be wonderful.  Most international adoptions are not as simple as deciding to go to Africa or China or Guatemala to get a baby.  Some governments have made it difficult to adopt from their countries.  But most loving couples are willing to go through the process to offer love and a home to an orphaned child.  Paul and Kara Scoville have done just that.

Scoville 4

Kara shares:  “Cooper is our little miracle. He was born in Malawi Africa and we saved him from an imminent death due to starvation as his mother died when he was six months old. This is our blended family and we wouldn’t want anything different. He is our world.”

Scoville 2

Scoville 3

Scoville 1

Congrats to the Scovilles.   Little Cooper is absolutely adorable.  Thanks for sharing your story with us.