OMGoodness, a friend in the UK sent me this article posted on I could not stop reading. A black woman seeking advice wrote in to Abiola Abrams’ Intimacy Intervention column. Seems the writer’s wonderful, white husband likes to use racial slurs during sex. “Oh baby, nigger bitch, oh baby.” Come again? What the what???  I liked Abrams’ answer to the sad advice seeker and if she were real, I would hope she took the advice. I felt little sympathy for this sister as she did not know how to vet. Any woman who would put up with such from any man has some esteem and other issues. I don’t want to go a rant but, why anyone would allow and actually like this kind of behavior, treatment or talk is beyond me. That is the excuse the carefully crafted, deep seated racist author gave the writer   Where is the self respect? I when I read this post, I couldn’t help but picture Django Chained.