For as long as I have been  coaching black women wanting to date and marry internationally, I have been asked what countries are best for swirling.  Well, there is no one answer to that as interracial couples can be found in every corner of the globe.  But as far as going to where they are, a few countries do come to mind and New Zealand is one of them.  Finally a venue for some of the women to explore opportunities to travel to Kiwiland, a virtual untapped territory and see what or who they can find.  Some women have actually decided that they want to immigrate to New Zealand and have taken the steps to get there by obtaining the proper Visa and work permits.  Big shout out for those who know they want to go this route.  It is a huge and bold move motivated in part to find happiness in life and love outside the US.  Some are not ready for such a permanent move, but  want to see if they could live there and just the beautiful country and what it offers.  This tour is for you!  Thanks to everyone who committed from the concept to fruition.  I along with partners in New Zealand am happy to facilitate the “Black Women: New Zealand Is Calling You Tour”!